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Frequently Asked Questions: Niagara Falls Helicopter Charters Edition

A helicopter charter is an exciting endeavor,
but not everyone is an expert.
It’s ok to have questions.
Questions are opportunities to make informed decisions.
Call Us Today At 1-855-276-8266!

While we at Niagara Falls Helicopter Charters encourage you to call for answers to every inquiry, we wanted to go ahead and provide information pertaining to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Will it cost me to get a quote for a charter?

No, we’d love to provide a free consultation for your helicopter service. We want you to be informed so you get exactly what you’re looking for!

How long do Niagara Falls Helicopter Charters gift certificates remain effective?

Our gift certificates remain valid for two years from the date of purchase. This is to offer plenty of time to present the gift and for the recipient to redeem it whenever they wish.

How long will a ride in a helicopter last?

The length of your ride depends on your purpose for flying and your destination. For specifics, please call 1-855-276-8266 to speak with one of our helicopter charter service members.

How are we supposed to hear over the noise of a helicopter?

When you are in the helicopter, you will be supplied with a special headset to block out noise while being able to converse normally.

Is there anything I should be careful not to bring?

We recommend that you refrain from bringing along anything you wouldn’t take in an airplane. Additionally, we recommend avoiding shoes such as flip flops as well as bulky bags. Make sure your belongings, clothing included, is easy to hold onto and not easily lost while climbing into and out of the aircraft.

What if my availability changes after I have already purchased my ticket?

Don’t worry! As soon as you realize that there is a problem with your schedule, give us a call to speak with one of our representatives. You can go over your options for rescheduling- totally stress free!

Ready to book a flight? Still have questions? Call us! We’re happy to hear from you and assist you in every way that we can! Call 1-855-276-8266 for information about your next helicopter charter!