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What Do We Mean By “Everything?”

The best feature provided by Niagara Falls Helicopter Charters is our incredible aptitude for adaptation. If there is a helicopter service you need, our service experts have the solution for you!

Despite helicopters being known for high-class transit and eyes in the sky for news stations, the helicopter has a great many purposes. It is so versatile that it would be a shame not to make use of these capabilities.

For example: That heavy lifting we just mentioned is a big feature that a lot of people overlook. The fact that helicopters take off and land vertically says something about the tight spaces they can fit in. If a construction project needs something lifted up pretty high or in a confined area, a helicopter can manage the operation in ways that other vehicles cannot. Not to mention the fact that these aircraft are hardier than they may look, being able to carry a sizable amount of weight. And that’s only one of the things they can do!

While this places no limit on what we at Niagara Falls Helicopter Charters are capable of, we’ll name a few of the options, just to give you an idea:

  • Chauffeur Service
  • Power Line Survey
  • Real Estate Survey
  • Group Transportation
  • Aerial Photography
  • Animal Tracking
  • Agricultural Frost Prevention
  • and More

How much more? Call us with your plans and our service representatives can work with you. We prioritize each client’s individual needs.

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